4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions In Good Condition

With extensions, you can have a stunning head of hair. Extensions can instantly transform the look but you have to ensure that they are properly cared for to avoid any damage. Here are four easy ways to take good care of hair extension:

Do not wash your hands.

For those who have had permanent hair extensions installed, you should avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours. This allows for the extensions to fully adhere. It is best to use silicone-free and without sulfates shampoos. To break up any debris and help it dissolve, be gentle when washing your hair. A preferred conditioner should be used on the ends of the hair. Otherwise, the emollients might cause the adhesions and lead to the hair extension becoming brittle. Clip in extensions should be washed once every six to eight weeks. Lay on a towel to let the towel dry water wave hair.

Deep condition

Hot tools and styling products can cause damage to hair extensions. Regular deep conditioning is essential. This can be done on a monthly basis and will leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. Deep conditioning refers the process of applying a scalp mask from the mid-shaft to tips. It is left on for up to twenty five minutes to increase the hair’s moisture.

Hairspray made with low levels of alcohol

Nature hair is naturally able stay moisturized due to the oils present in our scalp. However, the extensions do not have these natural oils and cannot benefit them. You can style your hair with a hair spray to help manage it and keep it looking shiny. The best product should not contain alcohol as alcohol-laden products can quickly remove the moisture from the extensions.

Make sure extensions aren’t tangled

If you frequently wash your hair in the late evening, be sure to let it air dry completely before you go to sleep. There are high chances of hair getting tangled and breaking if the hair isn’t dried completely. It is possible to avoid knots in permanent and bonded hair extensions by loosely braiding them before you place the head down. This technique is extremely effective in keeping hair tangled free and leaving it with soft waves. To prevent hair breakage, it is important to remove the clip-in extensions at night.