Adult Autism: Learn the Signs and How to Live with a Diagnosis

An autistic person will not automatically be an expert on math or science, even if they have a high IQ. Autistic people being mathematical thinkers is a stereotype and is not always true; some autistic people are bad at mathematical or scientific topics, but they can be incredible at other ones . There are autistic geniuses and autistic people with profound intellectual disability. There are also many autistic people with around average intelligence. Just like non-autistic people, autistic people exist at all levels of intelligence.

However, autism researchers used epidemiological studies in order to answer wider questions about the development of all infantile thought. Autism has always referred to the most severe pathology in infantile thought and changes in its meaning reflect broader historical changes in what is considered abnormal in the thought and behaviour of all infants and children.

There are three, each of which is defined by the amount of support a person may need. Autism Facts You Should Know Get details on everything from early signs to treatments. Look into the National Autism Society directory for local social groups that can help those with autism. While it may seem that cutting out certain foods could relieve your child’s symptoms, it might actually cause more harm. There are also studies being done to test whether certain types of regressive autism have an autoimmune basis.

What is autism and how do I recognize a kid who might be diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder?

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Does autism affect sexual interest, behavior, and intimacy?

Boys may be extremely interested in collecting items and gathering information about objects or categories of things—which fits into how we typically think of autism. But while girls may display the same intense level of interest as boys, their interests tend to appear more “normal.” Girls with autism are often interested in similar things as other girls of their age, such as celebrities, bands, or ponies. Thus, the fact that they are more interested, sometimes to the point of obsession, often goes unnoticed by parents. An autistic child might not respond to their own name or avoid play with others. Watch for delayed speech and problems interacting with others. Autistic children struggle with verbal communication and have a hard time playing with other kids.

Bullies may target autistic people because they seem different and vulnerable. Bullying victimization can make life even harder for autistic people. Autistic people can become overwhelmed with unpredictability and too many decisions. Providing a clear routine can help keep daily tasks from becoming too taxing. An autistic person will often become distressed and overwhelmed if their routine is disrupted.