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1. What is more important: creativity or short-term market share results?

Either way, it is the ad agency’s job to plan and create an ad campaign. This is when the brainstorming and planning begins, while keeping in mind the clients’ goals. It is the ad agency’s responsibility to push sales of products, services, or introduce new products into the market. It is important the chosen campaign reiterates the company’s brand benefits.

Your new ad agency should attract new customers Umrah visa from UAE and keep in touch with old ones; this includes creating interesting slogans, attractive jingles, and attention grabbing body copy for ads.

Businesses should not be based solely on creativity, so be sure to ask about their marketing and promotional skills, among other things.

2. Do we need to find an agency with a media buying capability or will we handle that separately?

If you are looking for a company with media buying capability, check into their formula for doing so. How do they investigate particular outlets? What kind of experience do they have?

3. Do we want to pay our agency a flat fee or a percent of our budget?

Budget is another factor to consider. In the first meeting with the agency, it is wise to discuss finances. Depending on the budget your company is looking at, price could make or break the situation.

Turnaround time is also something to consider. Now is the time to get a list of the agency’s former and current clients. How fast are they on projects? Are their add-on expenses later in the project? Are they worth their costs?

Some agencies have areas of expertise. If you want a certain company to handle your advertising, be sure to research them thoroughly to ensure they’re going to accomplish your goals.

Maybe you already have an idea of the type of campaign that you’re looking for. Either way, when looking for an advertising company, it’s important to keep an open mind, so you can see many different options for old and new campaign ideas.

If you come into the search knowing what particular media you need handled, the battle is half over. However, you may have to consider other options. Depending on the campaigns the agency will cover, you might look into new vehicles such as Internet advertising, pay-per-click management, TV, radio, cable TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and other outdoor advertising. Of course, the agency may offer a media recommendation in their proposal.

This question can be answered by considering a few things. How big is your company? You want to deal with an ad agency that is proportional to your business. Consider your goals. If your company needs to create a network of other businesses in the area or learn more about them, you might want to choose a local company. If your company is based online, however, the options could be endless as far as location. Consider the best way to meet—in person or over the phone? How well does the ad agency know your business or how well they are interested in knowing the business?

Keep in mind: customer loyalty is number one. Too many companies focus on new business rather than bolstering existing accounts. It costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one. Always consider the ad agency’s flexibility to accommodate existing or additional projects. Are they willing to do both old and new? Can they fit the needs of your current campaigns?

Find out how the agency will be tracking the results of the marketing campaign they create. How often will you be advised? Online or offline, reports or both?

The agency must understand your product and company. An ad agency begins by getting well acquainted with the clients’ goals, products, and target audience. This knowledge proves beneficial in planning and creating an effective ad campaign.