Apartment or house dog: which one to choose?

It is common to think that a dog would necessarily be unhappy in an apartment; know that it is a received idea. There are breeds of dogs that are more suited to living in an apartment, just as there are breeds of dogs that prefer living in a house. Here is the essential information to choose the breed of your dog according to your type of residence.

You have decided to adopt a dog, it is an excellent idea. Because the dog is known to be a wonderful life companion. It is still necessary to make a careful and calm choice as to the breed for your well-being, but also for that of the dog. Because not all breeds of dogs are suitable for all lifestyles.

Thus, your place of life will have to be taken into account to make the best choice concerning your future purebred dog. And in your quest, you will have to consider the size of the dog but also the behavior of the dog.

Which dog for an apartment or for a house? [

This video will allow you to know the breeds of dogs adapted to life in an apartment and those adapted to life in a house. Adopting a dog is a very exciting prospect, however it is important to adapt its adoption according to its housing. Indeed, the house dog will often be a more athletic dog, who needs to let off steam outdoors. Conversely, the apartment dog is often a lazier dog who likes to lounge on the couch all day long. Thanks to our video, become knowledgeable about apartment and house dog breeds.

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Apartment dog breeds

pug dog

The fact that you live in an apartment or townhouse without a garden should not make you give up living with a dog. Especially since some breeds of dogs are much more attached to the proximity with their master and their family than to their need to frolic in a garden. While some are not especially independent, others are simply not athletic dogs and would much rather laze quietly on your lap.

This is specifically the case for dogs in group 9 of the nomenclature of dog breeds. These breeds of companion and pleasure dogs which all have in common the attachment to their master and a rather moderate appetite for sport.

The Pug

Like the Pug, which is a real indoor dog. He does not really like bad weather or hot weather. Nor does he like sports or the hectic life. Calm and composed apartment dog, the Pug will much prefer to daydream on the sofa in the company of his master. His jovial temperament is particularly appreciated by children with whom he gets along very well.

The Chinese Crested Dog

If at first glance the Chinese Crested Dog may seem like a weird dog, elegance and grace characterize it to perfection. He is the ideal apartment dog. And for good reason, the absence of hair on a large part of its body does not allow it to protect itself against extreme temperatures.

This hairless dog prefers indoor life, although he is quite capable of enjoying a small enclosed garden. Affectionate dog, gentle and at the same time full of life, it is perfect for a family with children.

Continental Toy Spaniel

The Continental Toy Spaniel is a small dog that adapts easily to all lifestyles, including apartment living. It adapts very well to an urban environment. As long as you are never far from him. This little apartment dog is extremely endearing and attached to his master, with his calm but mischievous character at the same time, affectionate and tender, he brings the joy of living to his family.

There are two varieties of Continental Toy Spaniel: the Papillon Toy Spaniel with erect ears and the Moth Toy Spaniel, which has drooping ears. But as far as this little subtlety goes, it’s just a matter of preference.

The Pekingese

Valor and courage are two qualities specific to the Pekinese, also called the Pekingese Spaniel. The Pekingese is clearly not made for life in the house. He will much prefer the cozy character of an apartment where life is good.

With a gentle and calm character, he will be the ideal little dog for a single person or an elderly person whom he will be able to defend thanks to his natural mistrust of intruders. On the other hand, he does not appreciate children very much, aspiring rather to a peaceful and calm life.