How to Make Candles in 8 Easy Steps

Specifically, the wick is a piece of string you’ll insert into the candle mold before you pour your wax. Once your wax is fully melted, add half of a Caribbean Blue dye block to the wax and stir. We also enjoy this type of wax because it offers a long burn time and cleans up easily with hot water and soap, or rubbing alcohol. Dip the wick tab in the melted wax and center it at the bottom of vessel. Gently wrap the other end of the string around a wooden dowel and knot.

How To Make Soy Candles

In the end, you ended up with disappointment and a waste of money. You wondered why your candle didn’t smell as strong as it was in the store.

Supplies You Will Need

However, that is a popular thing to do for some candle makers. Wick stickers are not mandatory but they sure are convenient.

Sandwich the wick between the two sticks so that it stands up straight. If you are making a striped candle, be careful to keep the colors separate. The temperature is the most challenging aspect; you must get it to precisely 200°F or else the gel will lose its clarity. Could also be a result of overfilling the container with wax. Have been engineered so that the wick is self-trimming and less prone to mushrooming, soot, and smoke as it burns.

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Transfer the Wax

Adding fragrance to handmade candles is not necessary—in fact, it’s almost a shame to cover up the subtle honey scent of pure beeswax. If you wish to make scented candles, however, use natural essential oils or fragrance oils intended for candle making, as some oils are flammable. Natural essential oils ($52 for four,, the more costly of the two, are extracted from the bark, berries, roots, or seeds of a plant. Their names reflect the plants they’re derived from—peppermint oil and lavender oil are two popular essential oils. Oils with whimsical names—”Fresh Laundry” or “Christmas Morning”—are fragrance oils. People can be sensitive to both essential oils and fragrance oils, so use them very carefully and extremely sparingly, according to package instructions. Next, melt your wax by heating a pot of water on medium heat, then putting the cup in the pot and stirring the wax regularly.