How to Tell If Ray-Bans Are Real

These sizes represent the estimated millimetre size of the lens. Finding the correct frame size is super important when shopping for Ray-Bans. If you’re making an online purchase, read through the product description to find the right size. And if you’re in-store, check the frame for size details or ask a store attendant for help. Round sunglasses weren’t only a staple in the late 60s and early 70s. They made a big comeback in the 90s, embraced by the rave-loving youth and pop culture icons like Woody Harrelson in Oliver Stone’s cult classic Natural Born Killers.

We’ve covered the most common signs of fakery, but if you search online for a while, you may spot a few more tips. He got in touch with Bausch & Lomb, which was co-founded by optician John Bausch in 1853, to work on a pair of stylish sunglasses that would protect his eyes. If the case feels like it’s made from low-quality material or comes in a variety of colors, then it is most likely not an authentic item. The names of the models, as well as the bridge width, are assigned to them. The Temple Length can be found in this third number, which is the millimeters of the frame’s arms.

There is no way to completely eliminate UV radiation, but polycarbonate lenses do a good job of blocking 100% of it, making them easily scratched and frequently covered in anti-reflective films. Since 1982, Randolph Engineering has provided sunglasses to military pilots in the United States. When a pair of glasses is held together with solder, the frame almost always adheres to this metal combination, making it nearly impossible for it to break. In the event that the frame joints fail, Randolph will repair or replace the frame for free. One of the most reliable methods for spotting genuine Ray-Bans is to look for the serial number. This can be found on the inside of the left arm of the sunglasses, unless they’re aviators, in which case the arms are too thin to fit a number.

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To be clear, glass lenses are a sign that your glasses are almost certainly real, but plastic lenses may be legit if they appear to be high quality. Ray-Ban is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a trusted pair of sunglasses on the go. Our selection of styles and lens options is sure to make it easy to find the perfect pair for you. There is no universal answer to this question as different models of Ray-Ban sunglasses can have different types of serial numbers. Some may have them engraved on the inside of one of the arms, while others may have a sticker or tag attached to the inside of the case.

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The History Of Ray-ban

Polarized lenses are made with a special film that helps reduce glare from reflected surfaces. This can be helpful when driving or when participating in outdoor activities such as fishing and golfing.

Members and supporters saw the head-turning demonstrations as ways to puncture press coverage that they regarded as too sympathetic toward Israel. The committee members, all current or recently graduated students who were interviewed in Washington, spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they worried for their safety.

Pilot sunglasses gained mass popularity when General Douglas MacArthur sported them post-WW2. But their fame peaked when Tom Cruise wore them in the 1986 hit Top Gun. So, wearing a pair of Aviators is like wearing a piece of Ray-Ban’s history! These pilot sunglasses go well with just about any style or look.

Since its inception, the company has produced high-quality sunglasses and eyeglasses. Ray-Ban’s manufacturing plants are in both Italy and China, but Ray-Ban sunglasses and optical are only now being produced in China. The quality control of any business is critical in order to maintain a strong reputation.

But building these smart glasses required us to get creative to balance complex engineering with stylish, comfortable eyewear. These rounded frames rival the Ray-Ban wayfarer style for a fraction of the cost.