The Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Infant



We learned that I am not just pregnant, but also that we have twins, we’ve decided to add all the creature comforts needed to ensure our physical fitness and avoid burnout in the parents. Walking and running is not just a way to keep your body fit but produces “happy” endorphins in your brain, which keep your mind healthy, and we wanted to educate our children through examples, the importance of physical activity and a vigorous life style. Therefore, we searched for the most suitable double stroller for infant and toddler to suit our active life style. best stroller boards


Our thorough research resulted in us choosing BOB Revolution 12″ Aluminum Wheel Duallie Stroller. BOB Revolution 12″ Aluminum Wheel Duallie Stroller. Despite being the stroller is quite expensive, it’s absolutely worth every cent. I really hope that this article can help parents during this important choice-making process.

I can remember that day when our BOB was delivered to us it arrived almost 99% completed, all I had to do was to put the wheels on and then we were ready to go. We picked to go with the Mesa Orange for it is extremely obvious.

This is why we are so in love with our twin strollers.

Seats, Straps and Canopies

The large seats provide ample space for youngsters, it’s fitted with a padded and easily adjustable straps that provide extra comfort. It also can recline to a nearly horizontal position, allowing kids to rest comfortably. The two massive sun canopy each with the option of opening up to roll is operated independently of the other, which is perfect when one child is awake and awake , and the other is sleeping. They are able to have the shades set at different levels.

Suspension and Maneuverability

Superb adjustable suspensionthat can accommodate with 3″ of movement that gives you a smooth ride even on rough terrain. The front wheel that swivels, houses the ball bearing headset which allows the stroller to spin around itself and make extremely sharp turns easily and glides so smoothly I can control it with two kids aboard with just one hand. The front wheel locks to the forward direction, making it secure for jogging in the neighborhood. This stroller isn’t too tiny, but it can still fit through most doors and aisles.


The extra dimensions of the under-seat storage basket helps to make up with the fact it’s slightly small. The basket that is on the side on each chair is wide enough to store a set of clothes for each child, as well as a few toys, and snacks. I recommend buying the handlebar console as well as the diaper bag. The console has storage for my keys to my car along with a wallet, mobile as well as two water bottles, and the diaper bag sits perfectly over the handlebar. It’s very easy to get into each of these pockets.


After many years of frequent shopping, trips or camping, and running it’s Bob Duallie is still holding amazing, still turning at a whim, nothing is broken cracking, squeaking, faded or damaged or faded, and even after a regular wash, it’s still looking fresh and brand new.

What can I do to do to improve this BOB?

I would have liked a hand-break along with a parking break, simply because I’m a safety fanatic around children.