What Makes Leather Shoes Superior?

Generally, leather shoes available in the market are manufactured with full-grain leather, patent leather, oiled & beewaxed leather and nubuck or suede leather etc.

Of the above, suede and nubuck leather shoes are soft-skin leathers that are very tender and smooth. You have to treat them with gentler shoe care tactics as compared to the other leather shoes.

All the varieties of men’s footwear shoes need παπουτσια ανδρικα cleaning, brushing & polishing. They also need techniques for removing dampness, creating resistance to water and giving final touches for enhancing the gleam over the entire outer surface of the shoes.

Cleaning: For full-grain leather shoes, use a dry cloth to clean the surface of the leather. After that, dampen the cloth with warm water and once again wipe gently. Thats enough, now you can allow the shoes to dry at normal room temperature. No devices like drier or heater should be used since they will dry out the leather-content. Use the same procedure for oiled leather and beeswaxed leather but apply a cleaner after dry-cloth wiping. For patent leather surface, using damp cloth along with shampoo or mild-soap for cleaning, followed by applying a cleaner will produce best results. For suede and nubuck leather, use a rubber eraser to remove the dirt and then use a goat hair-brush to gently clean the entire surface.

Brushing: There are different brushes available for brushing off the dirt from your shoes. Brushes made with boar’s hair, horse hair and goat hair are commonly used while cleaning shoes. Boar hair is stiffer than horse-hair brushes therefore you can first use Boar’s hair brush. Once you have removed the visible dirt, use horse-hair brush for further cleaning the surface. Finally, finish with goat hair brush which is soft and tender in its bristles. Don’t brush continuously over the length of the shoe or across. Change directions often else the shining of the shoe’s surface will diminish.

Polishing: This is the technique used to make the shoes glitter. Moreover, if you use the right polishing substance, you can also make your shoes water-resistant. Selecting the right polish for your footwear is very important. Heavily waxed, heavily oiled and polishes mixed with toxic-smelling chemicals should be avoided as such products will reduce the life of your shoes. You can also mix Sodium Bentonitein in your shoe polish to make your shoes water resistant.